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I am a graduate student in architecture now. In this field, I tried to understand my living environment in different perspective.

Yet I still can’t figure out what teacher want us to do or his assignment clearly.

I kinda understand why people say it’s hard to choose this road. XD

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Check out this link:Chang yuzih

I am practicing making some vlog to record my life in Hualien. Hope you enjoy!🖤

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I'm Yuzih, the designer and the dressmaker at AILC. Yes, AILC is my personal brand. Everything starts from my bedroom. It has been a month since the opening. I would like to introduce myself briefly.

I was born and grew up in Hualien, Taiwan. After studying and working in big city for years, a lot of things have become much bleak and no longer glamorous in my eyes. Finally, I decided to return to my favorite place and kick off what I really want to do.

I majored in Textile and Clothing in collage and worked in fashion company before. I was an intern in the design department at the beginning. After graduation, I joined the business department as a merchandiser. So I have a clear understanding of ready-to-wear and mass production.

As a member of textile and apparel industries, we cannot avoid talking about the pollution caused. Every process on the production line from raw materials to garment, packaging and shipment is accompanied by a lot of waste. What I want to do is to improve the current situation from every single detail.

AILC is my answer.

You know...It' s electrifying when you enter the workforce where you get to apply what you've learned in school. Don't forget your calling. Just start. Make it happen!

Do what you love.

Love what you do.

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